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  • Bringing the light of the menorah to Israel


    The largest Hanukkiah of Europe has arrived at its final destination: the city of Sderot. Christians for Israel is giving the menorah to Israel, as a sign of our friendship. On December 17th, it will be officially inaugurated.

    The history

    Six years ago, three Dutch entrepreneurs accepted the challenge given by Christians for Israel and chief rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, to build the largest menorah in Europe. Only weeks later, the 12 meters high menorah was built up during Hanukkah for the first time, in front of the headquarters of Christians for Israel. The following five years, the Chanukiah traveled to various places in The Netherlands: the cities of Lelystad, Leeuwarden, Urk, Maastricht and even in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague. Every year, the light of the menorah attracted hundreds and thousands of people who love and support Israel.

    Final destination

    The leadership of Christians for Israel has decided, in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel, that the time has come to bring the menorah to a place where it can be seen every day, a place where it really belongs: Israel! We have chosen an area that suffers under constant threat from rockets and terror from Gaza. We want to bring the light of the Menorah to Sderot.