The Tabernacle in the Bible

[The 29th of February in his hometown Epe, dr. Henk Vreekamp died in an car-accident at the age of 72. 13 days after this lecture]

* Explanation names:
– Friedrich-Wilhelm Marquardt (1928 – 2002) was professor of systematic theology at the Free University of Berlin. He was one of the most influential pioneers of the renewal of Jewish-Christian relations in Germany.

– Arnold Albert van Ruler (December 10, 1908, Apeldoorn – December 15, 1970, Utrecht) was a Dutch theologian. Initially he was a pastor, from 1947 he was professor at the University of Utrecht. He was connected to the Netherlands Reformed Church.

– Johannes Martinus (Hans) Hasselaar (Amsterdam, May 13, 1917 – Utrecht, October 20, 1992) was from 1971 professor of systematic theology at the University of Utrecht, on behalf of the Netherlands Reformed Church.

– Hermann Friedrich Kohlbrugge, or Kohlbrügge (August 15, 1803, Amsterdam – March 5, 1875, Elberfeld) was a Dutch (German father) theologian, who strongly emphasized the Calvinist doctrine of grace, and the unity of the Old and the New Testaments.

– Pieter Oussoren is a Dutch pastor and translator, in particular of the Bible. His Bible translation became known under the name Naarden Bible. It is characterized by its attempt to follow as closely as possible the original Hebrew and the Greek.

– Avraham Yehoshua Heschel (Warsaw, January 11th, 1907 – New York, December 23rd, 1972) was a rabbi and professor of Jewish ethics and mysticism at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

– Martin Buber (Vienna, February 8th, 1878 – Jerusalem, June 13th, 1965) was a Jewish philosopher. Together with Franz Rosenzweig, he translated (“Germanized”) the Hebrew Bible in German.